Attractive offers for your stay in Lübeck’s old town

Our personal favourite tours that we have especially designed for you. Experience the beauty and the glory of the magical city of Lübeck! Take a break, just the two of you and indulge in magical moments together – it’s a beautiful world.

It`s up to you to make your stay in Lübeck one you´ll always remember. Let us take you for a journey into the world of Grass, Mann and the Hanseatic history of Lübeck, so that you can experience your own little magical moment.

All prices are valid for two sharing a double room when booking a double room or for one person in a single room when booked accordingly. Our tailor-made offers are not bookable in the holiday season- such as Advent weekends or national holidays. An extra night booking is possible on request.

Discover Lübeck by bike

Discover Lübeck by bike

Spring is coming and the sun is shining – the perfect opportunity to get back on the bike and enjoy the warming temperatures.

Lübeck and the Hanseatic League

Take a journey into the time of the Hanseatic League and get interesting insights into the urban development and cultural history of the “Queen of the Hanseatic League” in the European Hanseatic Museum.

Discover Lübeck

Lübeck has so much to offer: with a city guide in hand, we will send you on a tour of discovery. Visit Lübeck’s “hotspots” and enjoy Lübeck delicacies.

Classic Altstadt Hotel Offer Günter Grass Suite

Lübeck with friends

Interested in Lübeck’s history and culinary delights? Explore Lübeck on a city tour and enjoy a special 4-course menu.

In Lübeck’s old town, it’s always high season – at any time of the year.

There’s no bad time to visit Lübeck, because there’s always something going on here. Whether it’s a boat trip around the old town island in summer temperatures or a visit to the famous Christmas market in snowy Lübeck in winter.

During your stay at the Klassik Altstadt Hotel, you have the “Queen of the Hanseatic League” right on your doorstep.

Lübeck – city of the seven towers: marvel at the highest brick vault in the world in the Marienkirche, walk through the Holstentor, visit the theater or take a guided tour of the historic town hall. Enjoy the Lübecker Rotspon or the famous Lübecker Marzipan. Get to know and love the many sights and delicacies of Lübeck up close.