Lübeck with friends

Enjoy Lübeck with your friends or loved ones

A weekend away with your best friends. Experiencing new exciting cities with your family and friends is fulfilling. One of you is cracking jokes, the other knows the way, and there is always the one that has sussed out all the hot spots to eat and drink. Most groups have a historian who knows all the facts and figures of the city. Not to forget the maternal and very valuable friend who has remembered to bring along the sun cream or paper tissues in her bag. Travelling in a group can be very rewarding and a lot of fun. We do of course welcome small groups.

Specially for groups of 10 or more we have our group specials.

Lübeck with friends includes:

2 nights in a double- or single room

including a typical German buffet breakfast

1 small Niederegger Marzipan present

a guided 2 hour historical tour through the old town of Lübeck

four course Buddenbrookmenu with the famous “Plettenpudding” as a dessert.

at a price of 248.00 euros per person

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