Behind the facade


More light, more space, more lifestyle.

The newly renovated breakfast room, in a classical contemporary style.
All set for a cultural roundtable, suitable for a classical Salon.

Cotempary living  behind a late classical facade.

As you may already know, our little boutique hotel is tucked away in the heart of the historic town of Lübeck, on the tranquil corner  of the Fischergrube 52 and Schwönekenquerstrasse. Behind its late classical facade the cultural traveller has always experienced the best of personal hospitality, typical for a family run business. We are truly happy to have reopened our traditional redbrick breakfast-room in a new look, allowing for more light, more space and more cultural lifestyle.

As of 2018, this private hotel has been in our family for 40 Years.

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Are you looking for a very special boutique hotel in the historical town of Lübeck? In german it is called the Altstadt of Lübeck:  Look no further, than here were are!

Our hotel is called, the Klassik Altstadt Hotel Lübeck, a name that suits our hotel completely. A hotel that has made it a point of offering the best of hospitality as well as being part of the cultural life in Lübeck for almost 40 years?

Behind a late classical facade the cultural traveller will find 29 beautifully furbished rooms in a romantic classical style, that suits this quaint little merchant house in the heart of the old part of this magical medieval town. The Hanseatic city of Lübeck  is surrounded by water on all sides and, partly, by embankments and park areas, as well as narrow alleyways and old merchant houses.

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