Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of business for hotel accommodation

1. Conclusion of the contract

The contract has been concluded as soon as the room has been reserved and confirmed or, if written confirmation is not possible for reasons of time, on reservation of the room.

2. Occupying and vacating the rooms

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, rooms may not be occupied before 15.00 hours on the date of arrival. Rooms must be vacated by 11.00 hours on the date of departure.
Guests are requested to inform reception by 22.00 hours on the date prior to departure if they intend to leave after 11.00 hours; if guests depart after 14.00 hours the full price for the room without breakfast is payable.
Rooms that have been reserved must be occupied at the latest by 18.00 hours on the date of arrival. Failure to do so allows the hotel to dispose of the room unless late arrival has been expressly agreed.

3. Price and services

Services that have been paid for but not utilised do not entitle guests to a refund. The prices shown are inclusive prices, i.e. they already include a service charge and value-added tax. If the rate of statutory value-added tax changes after conclusion of the contract, the agreed price will be adjusted accordingly. Only cash payments and payments by credit card or bank transfer are accepted. Bank transfers from abroad must always be free of charge for the KLASSIK ALTSTADT HOTEL.

4. Payment

An advance payment amounting to the price of the agreed hotel services may be demanded to secure the reservation. Invoices must be paid net within 14 days of the invoice date, or within twenty-one (21) days in the case of invoices sent abroad. 5 % of interest above the base lending rate will be charged on the invoice amount on overdue invoices unless the hotel can prove that greater damage has been caused or the customer can prove that less damage has been caused by the default.

5. Withdrawal from the contract

If a guest fails to occupy the reserved room, he or she remains legally required to pay the price for the agreed hotel services, irrespective of the reason for the inability to occupy the room. Any actual savings made by the hotel must be deducted from the price. Reasons for withdrawal from the contract must be given in writing.

6. Cancellations

A cancellation for free is only possible if the room will be cancelled 48 hours before the date of arrival (Special arrangements are excluded).

If reservations are made by tour operators and private groups, the following dates apply to any cancellations and compensation:

Up to 90 days before arrival Full cancellation may be made free of charge
Up to 45 days before arrival Up to 10 % of the agreed price
Up to 30 days before arrival Up to 20% of the agreed price
Up to 10 days before arrival Up to 50% of the agreed price
Up to 04 days before arrival Up to 70% of the agreed price
03 days or fewer before arrival Up to 80% of the agreed price

The basic price in each case is the agreed inclusive price or, in the case of tour operators, the agreed net price.

7. Wake-up calls

A. The hotel endeavors to carry out wake-up calls with the utmost care. Every guest is responsible for his or her own wake-up call (automatic wake-up call).
B. Messages, post and consignments of goods received for the attention of the guest are handled with the utmost care. The hotel will keep, deliver and – on request and for a charge – forward such items.
C. Any property of the guest left at the hotel will only the forwarded on request. The hotel will keep items for 6 months, after which they will be handed over to the local lost property office if they have any evident value.
D. The hotel does not accept any liability with regard to A. and C. above.

8. Dogs

Dogs are only permitted subject to a prior agreement with the hotel, and are subject to a charge. Furthermore the hotel reserves the right to withdraw such permission with immediate effect if the dog is a nuisance, if there is a breach of hotel regulations or if the hotel furnishings are damaged. The hotel also reserves the right to charge a deposit for any damage that might be caused.

9. General clauses

The guest agrees to the details on the registration form and the statistical values relating to his or her stay being stored in an electronic data processing system in compliance with the German data protection law.
In making the reservation, the guest accepts these terms and conditions of business.
In the event of any disputes arising from this contract and its performance, the stipulated venue shall be the court that has jurisdiction at the hotel’s place of business, in so far as this is permitted by law.