Sweet Dreams


Sweat Dreams

„Sweet dreams” we say to our guests at the Klassik Altstadt Hotel before they retire to their bedrooms in the evenings. Some of us may even dream of beautiful flowers or delicious chocolate. “Charlie & the chocolate factory”, is nothing compared to our secret little Lübeck chocolate manufacture, just up the street from the Klassik Altstadt Hotel.

Evers & Tochter, make your sweetest dreams come true.

Since 2006, Angela Evers creates and artistically composes extraordinary and magical treasures at her family home in Lübeck. The House, that is a typical example of an old Hanseatic merchant house, has been in her family for over 300 years. One of her many treasures is the secret garden that lies tucked away behind the merchant house, hidden away from the eyes of the public, full of beautiful seasonal flowers. Lavender, roses, violates and daises, just to mention a few.

yellow and liliac violates
crystallized candied violates

What fabric can be more enhancing to work with than petals?

It was always a dream for our “Lübeck Insider” Angela Evers, to create crystallized candied edible flower petals, handpicked from her beautiful floral garden. A lifelong ambition of Angela Evers has been  to generate long-lasting memories of tastes. We all know this sensational happy feeling that is experienced the minute we taste the goodness of delicious foods, that we have enjoyed in our childhood. What the visitor experiences in Mrs. Evers magical rooms, has surely never been known before to the most of us.

Amazing and delicious!

candied rose petals
candied rose petals

Have you ever tasted a candied rose petal, before drinking a glass of chilled Champagne? I have now. Being handed a glass of Champagne, before I started my personal tour through Mrs. Evers Lübeck chocolate manufacture, I felt quite excited of the adventure that lay ahead. Before I could take a sip, I was awarded a candied pink rose petal. “let this petal melt slowly, in your mouth, before you drink your champagne” Mrs. Evers urged me.

At first I tasted the sweetness and then came pure bliss – an English rose- slowly but surely casted its juice on my taste buds, absolutely amazing. It corresponded so well with the dry Champagne.

white and lilac, forgetments, violets and strawberry leaf with flower.
candied forgetments, violets and strawberry leaf with flower.

Her sweet flower petals also make beautiful decorations for desserts and can last up to one year. Not only do they taste amazing, but they add an elegant, romantic, and delicious touch to virtually every dessert you add them to. The job of making these flowers does take a little patience and time, but the rewards are well worth it!

Having experienced this sweet delight, I am spoilt further.

Kleine Schwarze 85% Kakao Perlen-
Evers& Tochter Manufaktur Lübeck.

Now I am invited to indulge in a chocolate tasting session. All of the different chocolates that are presented to me, have been hand made at the “ Evers & Tochter Manufaktur Lübeck”.

Different pieces of chocolate are laid out on a stone plate in front of me. The grand dining room is the ideal quiet setting, free from strong smells, to enjoy the special chocolate. A glass of water, as a palate cleanser between tastings, is also within my reach.

A good proportion of the flavour that you experience, comes from the aroma, so it’s good to take in that aroma first.

My first tasting piece is a white chocolate with a flavour of green tea. Mrs Evers tells me, that she is always full of energy after a bite of this chocolate and that she can work the whole night through afterwards.

I can hardly wait to see what comes next. 35% full milk chocolate with truffelsalt. As someone who adores the taste of truffles, I am delighted with this tasteful combination.

The next composition is just as exciting, dark chocolate with vanilla and Himalayan salt: This composure is like a book with three chapters: First you taste the salt, then your tongue is comforted with the sweet warm vanilla taste. As the chocolate continues to melt in my mouth, it starts to release the true flavour of the cocoa beans, taking me on a real journey. First fruity, then floral, earthy as well as spicy, the flavors that are picked up evolve as the chocolate melts further. It’s almost sad to have to let this exhilarating taste go.

dark chocolate 85%
85% dark chocolate

Last but not least comes, what Frau Evers calls, a real Diva. Making the 85% dark chocolate is apparently  extremely challenging. Just a small draft, which may be caused by an open window, can be enough to ruin, the otherwise perfect texture, and cause the chocolate to have ugly white spots. Surprisingly enough, I really indulged in the taste of the 85% cocoa bean. It did not taste bitter or leave my tongue with an unpleasant taste as other chocolates usually do, when the chocolate consists of more than 70%. cocoa bean.

Mrs Evers confided in me, that she loves the moment when she hears the typical clear “snap” sound that comes from her well-made and tempered chocolate. The ohhs.. and the ahhs.. made by  the visitors, whilst tasting her hand-made chocolates. The Moment when her clients close their eyes and pure delight crosses their faces, is when she feels rewarded for all of her hard work and the efforts that she puts into her manufacture.

True craftsmanship and high quality, “made in Lübeck”.

Mrs Evers infront of her Manufaktur Lübeck ” Evers & Tochter”

A sweet Lübeck “Insider Tipp”. At this point I would like to make you aware of our Facebook-site called

“ Lübecker Insider”.

The Lübecker Insider are an on growing little group, of privately owned, local tradesman, that all have small and quaint little shops or crafts and skilled trade, on the historical old island of Lübeck.

They are all within walking distance from the Klassik Altstadt Hotel. Each and every one of them offer products that are local and unique.

We love Lübeck and are proud to bear the label:

“ made in Lübeck”.

The Klassik Altstadt Hotel and the Evers & Tochter Manafaktur Lübeck, are offering the guests of the Hotel (a minimum group of 8), the chance to take a glance behind the façade of the old merchant house and chocolate manufacture – and of course- to indulge in this magical tasting experience for themselves.

Find out more at : www.klassik-altstadt-hotel.de













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