Deluxe Double room Overbeck

Room description

Johann Friedrich Overbeck was a German painter, draftsman and illustrator born in Lübeck. The Overbeck Society of Artists was founded in his name and delights modern art lovers with its many exhibitions in Lübeck.

To honour this outstanding artist, the second deluxe double room on the third floor has been dedicated to him. This room is extremely cosy, furnished with a romantic, classical interior, antique desk and a box-spring double bed. There is of course a little seating area, where you can relax, put on the tea maker and watch TV or read some literature about the famous artist and his family.

There is a walk-in wardrobe that provides plenty of storage. The sunlit spacious bathroom, with an open shower as well as a comfortable and spacious bathtub, allows you to get a good fresh start to the day or helps you unwind in the evening.

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3rd floor

Deluxe Double

bottles of mineral water

tea maker

walk-in wardrobe


daily cleaning

daily newspapers

on request
room breakfast

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computer at the reception

printer and fax machine at the front desk

telephone in the room

box-spring bed

price from 140,00 €

breakfast buffet