Discover the revival of salon culture in Lübeck!


Discover the revival of salon culture in Lübeck!

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More light, more space, more lifestyle.

The newly renovated breakfast room, in a classical contemporary style.
All set for a cultural roundtable, suitable for a classical Salon.

Cotempary living  behind a late classical facade.

As you may already know, our little boutique hotel is tucked away in the heart of the historic town of Lübeck, on the tranquil corner  of the Fischergrube 52 and Schwönekenquerstrasse. Behind its late classical facade the cultural traveller has always experienced the best of personal hospitality, typical for a family run business. We are truly happy to have reopened our traditional redbrick breakfast-room in a new look, allowing for more light, more space and more cultural lifestyle.

As of 2018, this private hotel has been in our family for 40 Years.

As we have already written in our previous article , the old heritage building, dating back as far as 1299, was bought in 1978 by our family and completely refurbished.

Throughout the last 40 years we have always dedicated our hearts to the Hanseatic culture of this magnificent UNESCO World-heritage City of Lübeck. We have taken care to  maintain the significant and  historical elements of our authentic “merchant house”, without sacrificing any of the modern and contemporary  appointments that our guests enjoy.

Over the years we have been known for our delicious Lübeck Buffet breakfast, not only to our cultural traveller, but also to the residence of Lübeck. Many have indulged in our late Sunday brunch between 11 am until 1pm. They have enjoyed the glorious taste of regional products, freshly baked rolls and a choice of 18- different flavours of tea. It was this wonderful atmosphere of guests mixing in with “locals” that inspired us to introduce our new Salon into the 21st century.

The revival of Salon culture.

Hotbeds of creativity and progressive ideas, salons are synonymous with the French Enlightenment.

The Klassik Altstadt Hotel has dedicated two of its most beautiful double rooms to two of Lübecks most famous Salonniéres.

Dorothea von Rodde-Schlözer (18. August 1770 – 12. July 1825) was a German scholar and the first woman to receive a doctor of philosophy degree in Germany.

Lübecker Salonnière
A portrait ofDorothea Schlözer (1770 bis 1825), Benita Seeburger See ,

Ida Boy-Ed (17. April 1852 -13.Mai 1928) wrote more than 70 novels and narrative volumes and influenced the cultural life of Lübeck with her Literature Salon. She was also a sponsor of the young Thomas Mann. Her private literary events, with internationally known authors were responsible for Thomas Mann’s novel Buddenbrooks becoming famous throughout the world and eventually allowing him to be awarded with the Nobel Prize in Stockholm in 1901.

The salonnières most associated with the early days were women. And women are often the catalysts in the current movement. Just like Claudia Bousset with her Salonfestival Germany.

Today salons have had a renaissance, perhaps as a pushback against the decline of face-to-face human contact in our digital age. From poetry brunches to multimedia presentations in art galleries to scientific discussions in converted warehouses, these gatherings point to the universal need for personal interaction and mental exercise. They allow people to come together to increase their knowledge and hone their tastes through conversation and the exchange of ideas. Their mission is to allow debate, to stoke passion and to inspire.

Salon culture at the Klassik Altstadt Hotel in Lübeck.

The Klassik Altstadt Hotel is proud to present the rebirth of the first Salonfestival in Lübeck. My team and I indulge in living a life of culture, and sculpturing socIety, besides running our boutique hotel and welcoming many guests to the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.

Our love for Lübeck and our passion for history as well as culture reflects on everything that we do at the Klassik Altstadt Hotel. We want to give our guest the best of Lübeck hospitality. We see it as a huge compliment when we hear back from our guests of 40 years that they always feel like coming “home” upon entering our Hotel. Presenting guests from all over the world a home away from home  is our unique character as a private Hotel.

Contemporary Salon in the drawing room of the Klassik Altstadt Hotel
Our new cosy SalonKultur drawing room.

Our newly refurbished dining room presents you as our guests a “modern” Salon for the 21st century  in providing space for private drawing room concerts, wether it be classic, jazz, folk or pop. Exchanging literature or artistic ideas, bringing together leading figures of culture and politics, discussing relevant subjects that matter these days. Challenging political views and developing ones own opinion.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf

This is the main reason, why we have chosen to introduce the culture and tradition of – A Salon of Today – to our hotel philosophy. Welcoming our guests, spoiling them with a classical concert and then treating them with a variety of local dishes, is what we intend to do in our new cultural salon. Re-joicing in our classical Tea- time, with home made sandwiches and cakes as well as evenings highlighting original Lübecker wine and chocolates, are only some of our future events that are to be held in our newly furbished Salon.

I am proud to have been asked to join the Salonfestival Team in Germany and to bring the idea to Lübeck.

17.-20.April 2018 SALONFESTIVAL in Lübeck

Our first Lübeck Salonfestival starts on the 17th of April and continues up until the 20th of April of this year.

For only 24€ our guests can experience music, literature or discussions to contemporary topics such as” the influence if digitalization on our society”.

„Chanteuse“ mit Programmen aus den 20er-40er Jahren
Annette Postel zu Gast im Klassik Altstadt Hotel

As a hotelguest of the Klassik Altstadt Hotel, your entrance to the musical concert of Annette Postel, on the 18th of April, shall be complimentary.

The environment may have changed, but the reasons for salons remain the same. “People get inspired,” says founder Claudia Bousset. “Afterwards, writers have told me, they’ve gone back to their own writing desks to finish manuscripts in progress. Many have said they felt enchanted by the nurturing and creative atmosphere. New friendships are forged as people connect and have conversations on a deeper level, and a couple of writers secured an agent and a publishing deal after reading at the salon.”

What better way of learning about the life and history of a city than to mingle in with its locals. In participating in one of our Salon evenings, whether it be a musical or artistic, you will be able to experience the authentic spirit of this amazing Hanseatic city. After all isn’t learning about the traditions and secrets of your place of interest what traveling is all about? Besides presenting you with the historic highlights of the old town of Lübeck, we will gladly name you some of our  insider tips of places to dine & wine, especially those normally only known to the Lübecker themselves.

My Team and I look forward to welcoming you and your family and friends to our beautiful little merchant house in the heart of the UNESCO World-heritage city of Lübeck.

Yours sincerely Hilke Flebbe

Hilke Flebbe
I look forward to welcoming you to Lübeck
Hilke Flebbe

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