A small and beautiful heritage building in the middle of the old town of Lübeck


A small and beautiful heritage building in the middle of the old town of Lübeck

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Are you looking for a very special boutique hotel in the historical town of Lübeck? In german it is called the Altstadt of Lübeck:  Look no further, than here were are!

Our hotel is called, the Klassik Altstadt Hotel Lübeck, a name that suits our hotel completely. A hotel that has made it a point of offering the best of hospitality as well as being part of the cultural life in Lübeck for almost 40 years?

Behind a late classical facade the cultural traveller will find 29 beautifully furbished rooms in a romantic classical style, that suits this quaint little merchant house in the heart of the old part of this magical medieval town. The Hanseatic city of Lübeck  is surrounded by water on all sides and, partly, by embankments and park areas, as well as narrow alleyways and old merchant houses.

Beautiful, floral courtyard at the end of an alleyway.
Bäckergang 50 Small pretty alleyway,,hidden behind the Klassik Altstadt Hotel

The Klassik Altstadt Hotel is the ideal location to experience the unique old town of Lübeck. All the important sightseeing spots and highlights of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Lübeck, such as the 5 famous red brick gothic churches are within walking distance from our hotel.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

A valuable cultural heritage in the Altstadt of Lübeck

In the middle of the historical city of Lübeck you will find our little gem, tucked away in a quite little side street, a small yellow merchant house situated on the tranquil corner of the Fischergrube 52 and Schwönekenquerstraße.  Opposite the hotel is the famous Lübeck theater.

This heritage building, near to the river Trave boasts a long history. Dating back as far as 1299 it used to serve as a bathhouse up until 1308. The street name ” Fischergrube” derives  from the fishermen that used to live in this street, close  to the river Trave.

A picturesque scene of the old traditional sailing boots lying in the harbour of Lübeck, with the historic buildings in the baackground.
The oldtimer harbour of the historical town of Lübeck

At the beginning of the 17th century it housed a blacksmith, necessary to repair the trade ships that anchored at the nearby  harbour.

In 1978 it was bought and completely refurbished by our family. We took great care in maintaining the significant and important historical elements, such as the old Gotland-Tiles in the hallway, that date back to 1161. Amplifying the original by creating contemporary difference to ensure that this heritage merchant house would still be modern and contemporary.

A painting of the yellow historical facade of the Klassik Altstadt Hotel
An artistic presentation of the heritage facade of the Klassik Altstadt Hotel in Lübeck.

We find that it actually enhances and celebrates the historical and character elements and features of this traditional  building. A small and beautiful family run bed & breakfast was born. We can feel that the home has a history, a story and heart.


What do we think makes our cultural Hotel, situated in the heart of Lübecks´historical old town special?

The Klassik Altstadt Hotel in Lübeck is an ideal setting to enjoy the heritage of this famous Hanseatic town, and to be able to stroll its historic streets. Classic style and historic charm along with warm hospitality and gracious service welcome you to experience the legend of our heritage home.

Our small but very sincere staff welcome every visitor as if they were a friend of the family. Their main ambition is to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible so that you feel at  home and to make sure that you do not leave us before you do not share our love for Lübeck. As a family but professionally run business we take time to meet your needs.

You can sense the history and culture of Lübeck throughout our hotel.

In the front half of our historical hotel you will find 10 spacious Double rooms with high ceiling rooms. These double rooms are dedicated to famous personalities of Lübeck, who have shaped the cultural heritage of this renowned and charming Hanseatic city. Each room bears a contemporary witness of Lübecks passed history, reflecting its typical culture.

Decorated in a burgundy classical style, the double room depicts Heinrich Mann
The classical hanseatic room is dedicated to Heinrich Mann

Many of you may have heard of Lübecks´s famous family “The Mann´s”. Thomas Mann, who was born in Lübeck, was awarded the noble prize of literature in 1901 for his famous novel ” Buddenbrooks”. Together with his brother, Heinrich Mann, who wrote “Untertan” and “Professor Unrat”, they depicted life in nineteenth-centuary Lübeck very vividly.

Spacious Balth in a classical style
A modern bathroom with a free Standing bathtub as well as a shower.

Each of our rooms is an outstanding example of romantic elegance, comfort, and of true Hanseatic style. Despite respecting the historic heritage each of the rooms has the latest 21st-century technology – with complimentary high-speed wireless internet and TV.



Our 19 single rooms are situated in the back of our Hotel. Here you will find personal travel reports written by various authors of the last centuries about Lübeck. They poetically describe their experiences and impressions, of the Hanseatic city. The famous Danish fairy-tale author Hans Christian Andersen, writes in 1831, ”…soon, between the fields and the woods, we can see the 7 towers of Lübeck appearing”.

Imposantes Holstentor aus rotem Backstein, als Wahrzeichen von Lübeck
The famous Holsten Gate of Lübeck.

The small charming rooms are individually furnished in a late romantic classical style, by optimal space utilization. There is no extra charge for our single travellers. In each single room, there is a tea maker, complimentary sparkling or still water, some marzipan and free WLAN. After a fulfilled sightseeing day, we know ourselves how good it feels to be able to make oneself cosy with a warm cup of spicy tea, snuggle up with a woolly blanket and watch TV from the comfortable box-spring bed.

At the Klassik Altstadt Hotel we want to underline our philosophy:

“Whilst respecting the history and its traditions, our team offers the hospitality and comfort that fit the needs of the modern traveller.”

Food, glorious food. Food is fuel for the brain and the soul.

There is much truth in the saying, “The way to a person’s heart is through his stomach”.

We take great care of our guests by presenting them with the delights of our regional food. As a special Bed & Breakfast, our breakfast reflects the best of Lübecks hospitality. A typical north german breakfast consists of a fresh cup of brewed coffee and home baked rolls as well as black bread. All the delights of typical german cold cuts´s and an assortiment of local cheeses. Homemade joghurt with a mixture of seasonal fruits. Fresh eggs both boiled or scrambeld. Should you prefer tea for breakfast wie can of course offer you a choice of 18 different blends. A variety of cereals, juices and regional marmelades are also part of our inclusive Lübeck breakfast buffet.

Since the Klassik Altstadt Hotel is situated in the heart of the Altstadt of Lübeck, there are many traditional historic restaurants within walking distance, that serve good local food. Besides the wellknown Schiffergesellschaft;  and the Historischen Weinkeller just down the street from us, we can warmly recommend you the romantic little italien Restaurant Gusto with it´s small backgarden opposite our hotel. We have quite a few insider tips for you and we will also let you in on our secret little hideaways that are usually only visited by the locals.

We Love Lübeck. We Love being here for you!

Our Hotel is a declaration of love for Lübeck. Lübeck is not only the queen of the hanseatic league but also the queen of our hearts. This beautiful medieval town, an island enclosed by the river Trave and the Elbe-Lübeck channel,  inspires us each and everyday to be here as your hosts. We enjoy working in a place where wonderful people live and many travellers come for their vacation. It is our utmost aim to make you and your loved ones feel at home whilest staying with us.

Mitarbeiter des Hotels in historischen Arbeitskleider
The Team of the Klassik Altstadt Hotel, dressed up in the traditional waitress uniform of the 18th centuary

We would like to make your visit to Lübeck a happy one. One to write home about and to tell your friends about. The Klassik Altstadt Hotel is not just a hotel in the very heart of the beautiful city of Lübeck, it is a warm experience. In the 40 years, in which  my family and I have been privileged enough to  welcome many travellers from near and far, we have entertained and met many wonderful guests. Many have become our friends. It is always a fascinating experience to visit a new place as a stranger and to leave it as a friend. As a local, we enjoy sharing our inside knowedlge with you of where to eat, what to visit and what to do. We want you to be able to get the best out of your stay with us. If you go home and say ” we love Lübeck too!”, then we have accomplished our hearts mission.

Our house motto is: Whist respecting the past and its traditions, we want to offer sincere hospitality and comfort that fit the needs of the modern traveler, as well as respecting the sustainability for future generations”.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your loved ones to our special boutique hotel,  in the oldest part  of the town Lübeck. We  hope that you will also fall in love with the hanseatic city of Lübeck, the medieval city that besides ourselves Thomas Mann once called: ” Lübeck a love of a lifetime!”.

We wish you health and happiness,

yours truely

Hilke Flebbe

Mrs Flebbe and her son with their black labrador Charlie
Hilke und Alexander Flebbe. look forward to welcoming you to Lübeck



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